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Latvia offers students the best in world class education, both in terms of streams and diversity of study programs


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Latvia is a country on the Baltic Sea with the Gulf of Riga in the west between Estonia in the north, Lithuania in the south, Russia in the east, and Belarus in the southeast. Latvia is among the world's greenest countries. Its countryside is marked by wide beaches as well as dense, large spread forests covering over 40% of this country.Latvia is a country with varied landscapes, sprawling cities and age-old cultural traditions. Latvia offers students the best in world class education, both in terms of streams and diversity of study programs. With one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union, the Latvian business sectors are buoyant, offering great opportunities to international students. And mind you, all these come at a fraction of the cost that one would usually associate with overseas studies.

  • Capital: Riga
  • National name: Republic of Latvia (Latvian: Latvijas Republika)
  • Currency: Euro (1 Euro equals 83.91 Indian Rupee)
  • Climate: Latvia has a temperate oceanic climate, with cool winters and mild pleasant summers.
  • Language: Latvian and English
  • Government: parliamentary representative democratic republic
  • Major cities: Riga, Daugavpils, Liepāja
  • Indian Restaurants: Available
  • International Airport location: Riga International airport
  • Multi-ethnic country with rich cultural and education traditions
  • World class higher education system
  • Majority programs taught in English
  • Safe and welcoming country
  • Affordable tuition fees and living cost
  • Qualifications accepted across Europe
  • Curriculum with global perspective
  • Attractive stay back and work rights
  • One of the strongest economies in Europe
  • Many wonderful programs are offered to international students
  • Latvian degrees are globally acknowledged
  • Latvia has a reasonable cost of living
  • It's economically a rich country, so students have many future opportunities
  • An amazing atmosphere for academic life that motivates students
  • The tuition fee is less compared to other countries
  • It provides scholarships to brilliant students
  • Availability of different fields of study. So Latvia offers choices in programs
  • Students can select the course as per their engrossment
  • The wide job market for international students

Latvia inherited its education system from the Soviet Union, but it's been thoroughly modernized since the country joined the EU in 2004. Latvian schools are part of the Bologna Process, meaning that you can be assured of a world-class education. This also means that the Latvian higher education system is split into three cycles:

  • First Cycle - undergraduate degrees that take three or four years to complete
  • Second Cycle - postgraduate qualifications that take one to three years to complete
  • Third Cycle - PhD studies that take at least three years to complete
  • Riga Technical University
  • Turiba University
  • University of Latvia
  • BA School of Business and Finance
  • Liepaja University
  • Ventspils University College
  • Latvian Academy of Sport Education
  • Daugavpils University
  • Latvia University of Agriculture
  • Riga Graduate School of Law
  • Riga Stradins Medical University
  • Riga International School of Economics and Business
  • Rezekne University of Applied Science
  • Information Technology
  • Hotel Management
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Health Management
  • Environmental Science
  • Medical
  • Business Management
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Agriculture
  • Entrepreneurship and Management
  • Aviation Transport
  • Computer Systems
  • Construction Management
  • Food Science


Course Duration: 3 Years , For Engineering :4 Years

Academic Requirement : 60% in Plus Two or 3 Year Diploma/Polytechnic

Course Cost : 3000 Euro to 5000 Euro


Course Duration: 2 Years 

Academic Requirement : 60% in Bachelors

Course Cost : 3700 Euro to 15000 Euro

  • Students can legally work for 20 hours per week along with their studies
  • During vacations, students can work full time, i.e., for 40 hours per week
  • The main industries for part-time jobs in Latvia are processed foods, electronics, textiles etc
  • Many Universities in Latvia provide internships to students. It usually starts in the summer season
  • Internships are available in management, technology etc. which are good options for part-time earning
  • There are many placement zones where students can search for placements
  • For Bachelors - 6 Months Stayback
  • For Masters - 6 Months to 1 Year Stayback

The Erasmus Programme is a European Union student exchange programme established in 1987. Erasmus+, or Erasmus Plus, is the new programme combining all the EU's current schemes for education, training, youth and sport, which was started in January 2014.Eligibility for Erasmus dictates that you must be in higher education, studying an official degree or diploma and have successfully completed your initial first year. And then, the biggest benefit of Erasmus is that you are not required to pay extra tuition fees or payments to the university you end up attending.

  • September
  • November
  • February
  • April

Latvia has continuously emphasized providing a good educational background to its students. To be acknowledged on a global scale, the country has made several educational reforms to cater to the international standard. The perseverance and quality that Latvia is offering is the reason why international students choose Latvia as one of the best study destinations in the world. Here, we will be looking at some of the best scholarships in Latvia for international students.

  • Liepaja University Scholarships for International Students
  • Latvian State Scholarships
  • Latvian Research Fellowship
  • Turība University Scholarships for International Students
  • University of Latvia

As a graduate student, internships can prove to be a vital link for a seamless transition from your college campus to a high paying job. Internships while studying abroad help you gain real world experience by developing essential skills that employers look for - confidence, communication, professionalism and work ethics.

Being an intern adds significant value to your resume and helps you build a professional network, ultimately enhancing the chances of getting your dream job.

  • You can opt for paid or unpaid internships and prepare for a global career while you are pursuing the program, during the vacation, or soon after graduation.
  • Internships may be part-time or full-time. They are usually part-time during a university semester and full-time during the summer, winter or Easter holidays.
  • Semester internships are available during spring, summer, fall, and winter semesters.
  • The internships abroad usually last an entire semester and some may even last an entire year. The longer duration programs help you to explore the work processes and acquire the technical know-how.
  • Some internships are paid while others help you to earn academic credits.
  • The duration and stipend vary depending on the university or the organization.

Living Cost - 5500 Euro per Year(3 Month Old Fund)

Funding should be shown in Parents accounts(First two months we have to show normal transactions,third month the full amount should be shown and last day the same fund should be shown in Student's account for one day).

  • SSLC Certificate
  • Plus-Two Certificate
  • Hall Ticket of Plus Two(If Students applying for Bachelors)
  • Degree Certificate Original or Provisional(didn't get original certificate)
  • Semester Wise Marksheets (All semester)
  • Degree Consolidated Mark Sheets
  • Passport(Front&Back)
  • One Letter Of Recommendation- Medium of Instruction(Must include admission number of institution or Date of Birth)
  • Motivation Letter
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Updated CV (Must include percentage, Name of institution with place, starting and ending year of each academics)
  • Experience Letter / Gap Justification Letter
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