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Cyprus is a dynamic business center and fast growing education destination. Cyprus offers excellent standard of higher education with affordable tuition costs and outstanding student facilities.


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Cyprus is an island divided into northern and southern parts. The northern part is led by Turkey and it is called the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and Southern Cyprus is led by Greece and it is called the Republic of Cyprus. Cyprus is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea, located in the south of Turkey. Northern Cyprus is located in the northeastern part of the island of Cyprus. Although the two countries of Northern and Southern Cyprus are on the same island and connected, their laws, culture, and even language are different from each other.Cyprus is a dynamic business center and fast growing education destination.Cyprus offers excellent standard of higher education with affordable tuition costs and outstanding student facilities.Although Cyprus is a member of the Bologna system,many colleges are based on the American system of education.Cyprus has a diverse multicultural environment and offers double degree programs.There are approximately 40 thousand students of different nationalities studying in Cyprus.The universities in Cyprus offer quality higher education and the country has been taking measures to increase research,funding and interest in higher education.The country provides internationally recognized degrees.Students do not need to show any English proficiency score for tests like TOFEL and IELTS.If offers affordable tuition fees and moderate living expenses.The visa process is also straight forward.Cyprus provides an excellent facilities for students that include cultural,social and sports activities.Moreover,there are a variety of clubs in Cyprus like technology clubs,scienceclub,sportsclub,photography club, etc that help student to explore their hobbies.

  • Capital: Nicosia
  • Currency: Euro and Turkish Lira (TL)
  • Climate: Intense Mediterranean climate
  • Language: Turkish, Greek, and English
  • Population: 1.212.770 million
  • Government: Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic
  • Major cities: Limassol,Paphos,Larnaca
  • Key industriesTourism, Food and Beverage Processing, Cement and Gypsum, Ship Repair and Refurbishment, Textiles, Light Chemicals, Metal Products, Wood, Paper, Stone and Clay Products

Studying in Cyprus may be interesting for many students, as in addition to the well-ranked universities in the country, the cost of studying in Cyprus is also very reasonable. Cyprus provides a great opportunity for students to study in different fields such as finance, art, music, and medical and paramedical fields. One of the most important things that make studying in Cyprus ideal for many students is the possibility of studying for the medicine entrance exam to be accepted in this field.Higher education in Cyprus is provided in both public and private institutions. 

  • High Quality Institutions
  • Quality Assurance
  • Distinguished Academics
  • Multidisciplinary Accredited Degrees
  • English Taught Programmes of Study
  • Exciting Research opportunities
  • Funded Student Mobility (Erasmus+)
  • Affordable Tuition Fees
  • Scholarships and Funding Opportunities
  • Student Support Services
  • Multicultural Environment
  • Large International Community
  • Home to Leading International Companies
  • Employment Opportunities in the EU and Global Marketplace
  • Internship and Placement Opportunities
  • A Supporting Innovation Ecosystem
  • Access to National and European Funding
  • Modern and Advanced Infrastructure

At present, several educational institutes of Cyprus are providing higher education to international students. Cyprus offers high-quality education at very affordable fees. Most of the population of Cyprus is multilingual, and English is a commonly spoken language here, which offers a supportive environment to International Students. Being famous as the Island of Love, Cyprus offers a healthy environment and multicultural society to students at a reasonable living cost. Cyprus can also act as a gateway for higher studies in other European countries as one of Europe's prime student destinations.

  • Cyprus offers affordable and high-quality education
  • The exam and course structure is beneficial to students
  • Cyprus has cheap accommodation and attractive facilities
  • Great universities in Cyprus to choose from
  • Reasonable entry requirements for internationals
  • Booming business programmes

The education system in Cyprus offers three degrees: bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. Cyprus offers a wide-range of degree programs in numerous fields and disciplines. As an international student, you are welcome to complete all or part of your education in Cyprus. Like other countries, there are both public and private universities.

  • The bachelor's degree in Cyprus is four years. To study at the undergraduate level, it is necessary to have a diploma along with transcripts. Students must pass at least 250 credits in this course. To study in Cyprus for a bachelor's degree, one must offer IELTS 5.5 or 6. Of course, studying in Cyprus is also possible without a language degree. In that case, the student's English level will be determined, through a language test, and depending on their level, an English language course will be held for him/her in Cyprus.
  • The Master's degree in Cyprus follows a two-year education system that consists of four semesters. People who want to study for a master's degree must have a bachelor's degree related to their field of study. To enter the universities of Cyprus as a postgraduate student you do not need to pass a special exam and admission is based on the student's academic record. Master's degree, as well as a doctorate degree in Cyprus, is in English, but an English language degree is not required. If you have an IELTS 6.5 degree or equivalent, you will not be required to take a language test. The list of master's degree programs at the University of Cyprus is so extensive that all applicants can study in a field of interest that matches their educational background.
  • Studying for a doctorate in Cyprus is often done through research, and like the world standard system, it consists of eight courses and a dissertation. Therefore, it takes three to five years to complete a doctorate at a Cyprus university. In order to study for a doctorate, it is necessary for an applicant to provide the necessary documents, including a master's degree.
  • University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN),Pyla
  • University of Nicosia
  • CTL Euro College
  • Larnaca College
  • Logistics
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Accountancy
  • Journalism
  • Visual Media
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Health Care
  • Management
  • Aviation
  • Fashion Designing
  • Interior Designing


  • Course Duration: 3 Years or 4 Years
  • Academic Requirement : 55% in Plus Two
  • Course Cost : 3000 Euro to 13000 Euro


  • Course Duration: 1.5 Years or 2 Years
  • Academic Requirement : 55% in Bachelors
  • Course Cost : 5000 Euro to 10000 Euro
  • Part time work rights of 20 hours per week
  • September
  • February

The universities in Cyprus offer various scholarship schemes in favor of international students. Waivers in the tuition fee are also offered from 10 to 20%  who have exceptionally well academic records. This would be a great benefit for international students having a low budget. Here we have mentioned some of the scholarships schemes available in Cyprus :

  • Cyprus International University scholarships 
  • Academic Merit International Scholarship at Alexander College, Cyprus
  • ECDC Training Fellowship Programme (EPIET & EUPHEM) for International Students
  • CAORC Research Fellowships for the US and Foreign Nationals
  • The Management Center of the Mediterranean funding for Master’s Degree in North Cyprus
  • Cyprus Institute Dean’s Distinguished Scholarship for Doctoral Studies
  • Cyprus International Institute of Management Scholarships
  • Cyprus International Institute Of Management Scholarships
  • UCLan BSc Mathematics Scholarship At British University Of Cyprus
  • PhD. Scholarships in Computational Sciences at Cyprus Institute
  • PhD. Research Scholarship in 5G Communication Networks at UCLan Cyprus

As a graduate student, internships can prove to be a vital link for a seamless transition from your college campus to a high paying job. Internships while studying abroad help you gain real world experience by developing essential skills that employers look for - confidence, communication, professionalism and work ethics. Being an intern adds significant value to your resume and helps you build a professional network, ultimately enhancing the chances of getting your dream job. 

  • You can opt for paid or unpaid internships and prepare for a global career while you are pursuing the program, during the vacation, or soon after graduation.
  • Internships may be part-time or full-time. They are usually part-time during a university semester and full-time during the summer, winter or Easter holidays.
  • Semester internships are available during spring, summer, fall, and winter semesters.
  • The internships abroad usually last an entire semester and some may even last an entire year. The longer duration programs help you to explore the work processes and acquire the technical know-how.
  • Some internships are paid while others help you to earn academic credits.
  • The duration and stipend vary depending on the university or the organization.

Living Cost - 300 Euro to 650 Euro per Month

Funding should be shown as Students or Parents Account or Educational Loan(Have to submit documents)

  • SSLC Certificate
  • Plus-Two Certificate
  • Degree Certificate Original or Provisional( didn't get original certificate)
  • Semester Wise Marksheets (All semester)
  • Degree Consolidated Mark Sheets
  • Passport(Front & Back)
  • One Letter Of Recommendation- Medium of Instruction(Must include admission number of institution or Date of Birth)
  • Statement Of Purpose
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Updated CV ( Must include percentage, Name of institution with place ,starting and ending year of each academics)
  • Experience Letter / Gap Justification Letter
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