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One of the top five countries preferred by international students, Australia scores high in terms of providing exceptional education and the best social welfare services. The country is poised to receive a larger international student population, thanks to the existence of world-class universities that impart career-oriented programmes with global acceptance. The global reputation of the education system, the stunning geographical features, and the high-quality life lure students to Australia. An estimated number of 3 lakh students from different parts of the world pursue higher studies in Australia every year. India is the second largest country after China in terms of student population in Australia. Melbourne and Sydney are the two cities in Australia that house many of the top universities in the world, making it a preferred destination to Study in Australia for Indian students. Campus Abroad Educational Services assists Indian students to have access to quality higher education in Australia.
  • University of Melbourne
  • RMIT University
  • University of South Wales
  • University of Sydney
  • Australian National University
  • University of Queensland
  • University of Newcastle
  • University of Western Australia
  • Curtin University
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • University of Adelaide

Diverse & globally recognized courses
Australia extends a gamut of globally recognized courses across various streams attracting international students. Both universities and vocational institutes offer top-notch programmes. The multicultural environment fosters collaboration and creates valuable industry connections making the courses highly esteemed.

Innovative vocational and technical education
Blending traditional learning with modern technologies, Australian universities create a highly skilled workforce to meet evolving industry demands. The diverse educational programmes provide hands-on training, making the students industry-ready.

Cutting-edge research and technology-driven learning
From virtuality to simulations to data analytics, universities and research institutions follow innovative approaches to equip students to solve complex concepts. Collaborations between academia and industry cement the fact that education goes in tandem with emerging trends.

Excellent living conditions
With affordable accommodation facilities and to excellent public transport system, Australia stands as one of the top education destinations for international students. The stunning natural beauty further adds to the charm of living an excellent life. The unparalleled healthcare system and high-quality medical facilities become a boon to the students.

Opportunity to work after completion of the course
Students in Australia have ample opportunities to work and build a promising career. The country offers various Visa options for the students to stay back and explore new avenues that align with their qualifications and interests. This helps them gain international professional experience.

Scholarship opportunities
To fly high in the vast expanse of higher education, Australia provides scholarship opportunities to both domestic and international students based on their academic merit. This covers undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and research programmes. The scholarship helps them meet their study and living expenses in Australia.

Part-time work opportunities
Australia allows students to engage in part-time jobs to supplement their income and get work experience. A plethora of areas like retail, hospitality, and administration provide students with part-time jobs, with fair compensation.

Safety and Social Security
With low crime rates and strict law and order in place, Australia offers a peaceful living. Universities and colleges ensure student safety and extend support services to address any concerns. The free healthcare facilities and superb medical systems create confidence among the students.

Campus Abroad Educational Services stands out as a premier destination for students seeking to study abroad and shape their future. As a responsible overseas education consultant, we guide students through every step of the journey towards quality international education. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses university selection, profile evaluation, test preparation, application and document assistance, visa support, and financial planning.

We boast of a team of expert counsellors who ensure personalized attention and support, simplifying the complex process of studying overseas. Moreover, our pre-departure counselling and travel arrangements guarantee a safe and worry-free transition for students venturing into unfamiliar territories.

Choose Campus Abroad and embark on a transformative educational experience tailored to your aspirations and goals. We not only facilitate a smooth overseas education journey but also ensure that there are no hurdles in your way to success.

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